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Shopping Spree!!! (too bad it was for a lawn mower)

Having just moved from an apartment to a house, I was in the market for a lawn mower.  I headed down to Lowe’s to see what they had to offer.  (As a side note, my address change packet from the US Post Office included a 10% off coupon.  Lowe’s also has a 10% Military discount, although you cannot use both on the same purchase).

I knew I wanted a motor-less mower, which apparently has a technical name of “reel mower.”  It has revolving blades that move in a circle, propelled by nothing but good ‘ole muscle power.  They are slightly less than the cheapest push mower, but don’t require any gasoline or oil.  They are also less noise-polluting than your typical mower.

This is the model I settled on, a Troy-Bilt 18 inch reel mower.  The least expensive model was $99.  But this model has rear wheels (which I interpret to be a smoother push), a wider footprint (which means fewer laps around the yard), and a bag to collect the clippings (this is great for the compost bin).

It was $30 less than the least expensive push mower.  In southern Florida where we have to mow pretty much year-round, I’m estimating roughly 40 clips per year.   My yard is tiny, so I think 3 gallons a year will cover it, so that is roughly $10 a year in gas.  Add in an oil change and the yearly operating cost of a gas mower is $20.  (I would have to do blade sharpening on both types, so I’m not including that).

My savings on this project is $30 initially, plus $20 per year.  Not exactly a lottery-winning amount, but I am also pleased that I’m not consuming unnecessary gasoline.  My only other recurring costs are some sore arms:)

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